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Enlite Announces Women’s Initiative Efforts Underway

Enlite is revolutionizing summer sales across the board. We are firm in our belief that sales should be an industry that is accessible to and supportive of any individual with a passion to make a difference. Our Women’s Initiative is pushing that idea forward as we extend our reach to more capable women and encourage them to join our team. When reflecting on her experience joining Enlite as a rep, Tess Gilliland shared, “I felt like this was a place where I could truly be myself, and also progress in the sales world”. Tess was one of several women who made over 6 figures in commission on her first summer selling solar.

Enlite is a place for women to sell, be successful, and grow in the process. The empowerment of current and future female reps to be leaders and realize they are talented and capable is incredibly important to our mission. That is why we aim to have 50% of our reps and management be female by 2025. The women at Enlite have proved to themselves and this male dominated industry that they have what it takes to achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

In order to further propel our reps on the road to success, Enlite is leading a mentorship program for the women in the company. Each rep is assigned to one of our female executives who they then meet with to review and reflect on the rep’s individual goals, accomplishments, and high & lows. Our reps leave these mentoring sessions with attainable goals, increased confidence, and renewed direction.

Tess Gilliland continued, “It’s been super awesome having these successful women as a resource to us, and having mentors who are actually invested in us as women. They don’t treat us like we’re just a nameless rep in the company. They actually invest time in us, and specialize their advice to us so that we can feel confident when we go into the summer”.

We recognize that there is a synergy among the women in this company that is unlike anything the sales world has seen. They support, consult, and encourage each other while they work through the summer, and continue to do so in other academic and charitable pursuits throughout the rest of the year. Success at Enlite is not a zero sum game, and we know that by supporting the women in our company, they will support Enlite as we strive to make an impact and create a more sustainable future.


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