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We pay for your solar!

Switch to solar energy using the PPA agreement and save up to 40% on your electrical bill.

As a United Nations Global Compact Signatory, Enlite is formally committed to measure its impact and report it annually to one of the most recognized business groups in the world.

What's a PPA?

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - You don't buy panels, you just buy power.

Unlike traditional solar, you don’t even pay for materials, installation or maintenance. Instead, you buy solar energy every month, at a fixed rate much lower than your local utility’s. It’s that simple, no more rate hikes or surprise bills.


You receive all the electricity produced by the system. If you move, your lowered rate will easily transfer to the new homeowner like any other utility bill, without complicating the sale of your home. The company monitors the system for you to make sure it’s working, and will come fix it if there’s an issue. To prove how confident they are, you can even qualify for a refund if it’s not generating as much energy as it’s supposed to.


With a PPA, you enjoy the benefits of going solar, without worrying about risk.


Find out if you're eligible for PPA Benefits. Go Solar Today! 


James Bianchet

“Exceptional company to work with. Everyone was very professional and polite. They did great work! I'm ready to start saving $$ and very excited to finally have solar. A special thank you to Gib... you're awesome!!"

How it works:


Enlite Solar Consultant


An Enlite Solar Consultant will analyze your current energy usage and create a custom proposal to fit your exact electricity needs while lowering your monthly payment and helping you go green.

Select the best option for your home

Design & Permit

Select the best option for your home while we work on final designs, inspections, and permitting. 

Installation Certified


Our certified partners work with your Solar Consultant to get panels on your roof as soon as possible. 

Interconnection Enlite


Enlite will coordinate with your utility provider to turn on your panels and completing any other final details to upgrading to solar. 

How does solar energy work?

Take control of your power bill.

Start saving up to 40% on your monthly bill by getting a quote with Enlite today.

July Trip-13.jpg

Enlite is different. Yes, we’re in the solar energy business, but this is not about solar.

It’s about people, and making people’s lives better. Enlite isn’t just another company, provider, or job. We choose a different way of doing business.

Why go solar?


Simplify your energy bill and be comfortable in your own home–-no more waiting until 9pm to turn on the AC or start the laundry. You can confidently keep your fixed solar payment on autopay.

Freedom and Security

YOU can directly impact our planet in a positive way.  Each home powered by renewable energy instead of fossil fuels means a decrease in carbon emissions and a healthier Earth. You are the change.


Go Green


In addition to saving money immediately with a lowered electricity rate, your long term savings will continue to grow. Many utility companies increase their rates 5-10% or more every year, so locking in your rate with solar will save you thousands over the years.


No matter why you personally choose to go solar, all the benefits are part of the package.


Find out if you're eligible for PPA Benefits Go Solar Today! 

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