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We'll pay for your Solar! See if you qualify.

Switch to solar energy using the PPA agreement and save up to 40% on your electrical bill.

+ 37,000

As a United Nations Global Compact Signatory, Enlite is formally committed to measure its impact and report it annually to one of the most recognized business groups in the world.

Successful installations together with our partners.


Total amount donated for cancer treatments.


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Our partners

Enlite Cares
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We are not just another company

We believe that there is another way of doing business, one that is concerned with improving people's quality of life and generating a positive impact on our environment. That is why we have partnered with Mi Gran Esperanza, a non-profit children's hospital in the heart of Guadalajara, Mexico, to provide cancer treatments for less fortunate children and aid for their families.


What is a PPA?

Power Purchase Agreement

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A power purchase agreement (PPA) is an agreement between energy producers and homeowners. If you say it backwards it makes more sense! "Agreement to Purchase Power". It works when a homeowner decides to switch to solar our partners install and fully pay for a solar system which produces power, the homeowner then buys the power produced from us at a significantly lower price per Kw than the local provider! Often saving the homeowner 20%-40% on their electric bill. The best part, no liability or financing required! The PPA is a hassle free solar option creating immediate and long term savings along with significant positive impact on the environment!

The Process

The Process

We have developed a simple process, in which you will be constantly accompanied by an Enlite representative who will answer all your questions and ensure that you have a stress-free, satisfactory experience.









An Enlite Solar Consultant will analyze your current energy usage and create a custom proposal to fit your exact electricity needs while lowering your monthly payment and helping you go green.

Select the best option for your home while we work on final designs, inspections, and permitting.

Our certified partners work with your Solar Consultant to get panels on your roof as soon as possible.

Enlite will coordinate with your utility provider to turn on your panels and completing any other final details to upgrading to solar.


Go solar now!

Thank you!

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148 W 600 S, Provo, UT
United States.

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