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We Care


We are committed to serve by

giving to the community

Another year of having the amazing experience to spread love with the children at the Mexico City Children's Hospital.

Thanks to everybody working at Enlite and all the friends who contributed to bringing a smile to those beautiful kids.

As a company, nothing has been more touching, meaningful and humbling than putting a smile on the faces of 500 heroes at the Children’s Hospital Federico Gomez in Mexico. We can’t thank enough the staff at the hospital, our families, friends, and everybody who works at Enlite. We will never forget this experience.

The Enlite sales team donated their commission and time to help a family with a new roof and solar in preparation of another hot Sactamento summer

After the devastation of the Paradise fire, we wanted to put a smile on the faces of those displaced from their homes. We spent the evening serving dinner and speaking with families that had lost everything. It was an evening of hugs, tears, and smiles. We are humbled by the gratitude for our small gesture and are thankful for the experience.