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Project: Mi Gran Esperanza

Guadalajara, Mexico 2020 

Mi Gran Esperanza is a hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico that treats cancer in children ages 0-21, and specifically aids children from low income families with little to no other resources or options for cancer treatments. They have a history of over 75% of donations being used toward medical treatments. As a private organization, Mi Gran Esperanza has largely relied on private and corporate sponsorships.  With the current pandemic their sponsorships have severely decreased. We are raising funds to directly cover children’s cancer treatments. Help us make a difference in a child’s life!

Name: Alan

Age: 12 Years old

Diagnosis: Ewing's sarcoma

Alan is newly diagnosed.  To start with his medical protocol, he requires a series of chemotherapies as soon as possible since if he does not receive his treatment, the patient can start deteriorating his health by metastasizing in various parts of his body. His family has low financial resources and cannot cover the cost of his treatment.

Name: Vanesa

Age: 11 Years old

Diagnosis: Lymphoblastic leukemia

Vanesa is newly diagnosed with Leukemia she needs a series of chemotherapies.  Her family does not have the resources to solve the treatment that is scheduled every 22 days



Name: Celso Alberto

Age:  4 Years old

Diagnosis: Renal Tumor

Celso was diagnosed in June of last year. Since his tumor is too large doctor can't even do surgery to remove it. To reduce the size of the tumor is necessary application of several chemotherapy sessions, The economic situation of the family is precarious and can't afford the patient's expenses. It is necessary and important that Celso does not interrupt his chemotherapy protocol since his life is at risk.


Name: Rafael

Age: 17 Years old

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma

Rafael was diagnosed in February of last year with osteosarcoma. His leg was amputated. Unfortunately the tumor has metastasized in the lungs for which it is necessary to apply several sessions of chemotherapy. The family has low economic resources and they cannot cover the necessary amount. It is important for Rafael to receive this treatment to avoid metastasis in other parts of his body.



Name: Valentina

Age: 3 Years old

Diagnosis: Glioma Tumor

Valentina has been waiting months for her radiotherapy and anesthesia to be covered. She doesn’t have access to the resources herself, so she was directed to this institution so we can more quickly get her help she needs. This treatment is vital to improve her quality of life.


Name: Juan Pablo

Age: 2 Years old

Diagnosis: Astrocytoma

At the beginning of his cancer treatment, Juan Pablo had a tube and valve inserted to drain excess fluids from the extraction of the tumor. Now the area surrounding the valve has gotten infected. He urgently needs an operation to replace it with an antibiotic valve, so the infection goes down and his chemotherapy can continue. This surgery involves highly specialized medical equipment, on top of the drainage valve. Juan Pablo’s family comes from a tough economic situation, and they don’t have the resources to help him.


Name: Aleyda

Age: 11 Years old

Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma

Aleyda is in her oncology protocol treating her tumor and it has deteriorated her health. It's important that she does not interrupt her chemotherapy cycles.  Due to the shortage of medications she does not have her chemotherapy for her next cycle. Aleyda's family cannot cover them since they have low economic resources and cannot afford them.

Name: Jade

Age: 11 Years old

Diagnosis: Myeloid Leukemia

Jade has finished with her chemotherapy cycles. To complete the medical protocol, it is necessary for the patient to receive radiotherapy treatment with a linear accelerator since this prevents a future relapse.  This is the last treatment she will receive to be able to discharge her. The hospital does not have this service so she has been referred to our association. 

Name: Angel Leonardo

Age: 3 Years old

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma

Ángel urgently needs a highly specialized imaging study so that his oncologist can evaluate the evolution that he has had before chemotherapies and assess his medical protocol to determine if  it's necessary to continue or stop and continue with another type of treatment. 

Name: Jesus Raudel

Age: 17 Years old

Diagnosis: Germinal Cell Tumor

Jesus Raudel has received several chemotherapy sessions and some surgeries, because he  is presenting an infiltration in one of his lungs. It is necessary to undergo surgery.  Various medical equipment is needed his family has low economic resources and cannot cover them.

Name: Baltazar

Age: 11 Years old

Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma

Baltazar is receiving his cancer treatment, his doctor indicates for his next cycle a series of chemotherapy that the hospital does not have them to administer. He comes from a rural community in Zacatecas where job opportunities are scarce and with minimal income.  The continuity of the treatment is of great importance so that he can recover his health.

Name: Fidel

Age: 11 Years old

Diagnosis: Ewing's Sarcoma

Fidel is about to start his third cycle of chemotherapy. Since the hospital does not have the means he has been referred to our association in search of support to acquire them. His family does not have the necessary resources since they are from a precarious economic situation, they come from Rancheria where their economic income is minimal. It is of great importance that the patient receives his treatment to avoid some type of relapse or infiltration of the disease to another zone of his body. 

Name: Danna

Age: 9Years old

Diagnosis: Germinal Cell Tumor

Danna has a tumor located in the skull so her basic treatment is to receive Radiotherapy with Linear Accelerator. It is of great importance that Danna receives this treatment to achieve success in her oncology protocol and to regain her health.

Name: Leonel

Age: 2 Years old

Diagnosis: Leukemia

Leonel has leukemia, he needs to recieve his treatment in order to recover his quality of life. Leonel’s family has very low income. With your help he will be able to continue his treatment and recover his health.

Name: Angel de Jesus

Age: 4 Years old

Diagnosis: Glioma Tumor

Angel is newly diagnosed case. Due to his tumor they have to administer Radiotherapy with Linear Accelerator as initial treatment, it is important that he receives this treatment as soon as possible. His family has low economic resources and cannot cover for Angel's treatment.

Name: Jeny

Age: 15 Years old

Diagnosis: Ependynoma

Jeny has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor, recently underwent surgery to remove it, unfortunately due to the location of this tumor it could not be completely removed so it is necessary that  the patient receives linear accelerator radiotherapy treatment as soon as possible. Her family came to our association in search for help to improve Jeny's life quality.

Name: Sara

Age: 5 Years old

Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma

Sara is newly diagnosed with Medulloblastoma and her initial base treatment is for her to receive Radiotherapy with a Linear Accelerator to increase the chances of a recovery. Her family has limited economic resources and they cannot cover Sara's treatment.

Name: Saul Israel

Age: 12 Years old

Diagnosis: Ewing's Sarcoma

Saul is receiving chemotherapies to control his tumor, he receives Radiotherapy with Linear Accelerator.  Saul's  family is from a rural community with low economic resources, they came to our institution looking for support as soon as possible.