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$53K average in your first summer

Or become a Legend and earn $300K or more by selling solar panels and helping our clients save money.


Be part of a high standard team.


Sales reps  every summer.


Total amount donated for cancer treatments.

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Recognition is not reserved for the top performers.

At Enlite we know that performance is relative.
We have created a Recognition Program with specific incentives from Bronze level to Legend, were you can potentially earn $300K or more per summer.

*Your level of success or income will depend on your own effort, diligence and skill.
Also, we will train you to be part of a high standard, value centered, selling team.

Join us!
Recognition Program

Don't sell your values, use your values to sell.

Enlite Leadership Model

At Enlite, we have created a framework to develop value based leaders, helping you to acquire skills. We specialize in management and sales-related skills such as:

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Mental fortitude

  • Training

  • Organization

  • Structure

These are developed through a consistent personal mentoring plan and an extensive training library at the Enlite Academy.

Enlite Values





Our values are the heart of Enlite – without them, we cease to exist as a functional organization.

Leadership Model

Your values are the engine, your skills are the fuel: the more developed your skills become, the further your reach for good will be.
Your skills will enhance who you really are.

Join us!


dollars donated to
Mi Gran Esperanza by Enlite Cares.

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At Enlite, we understand that the more we give, the more we receive. Enlite Cares gives our sales reps an opportunity to make a real difference. We have partnered with Mi Gran Esperanza, a non-profit children's hospital in the heart of Guadalajara, Mexico, to provide cancer treatments for less fortunate children and aid for their families.


children helped with cancer treatments provided by Enlite Cares.

Enlite Cares

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I believe it is important to be honest and to give generously?

2. If I was faced with a situation where I had to compromise my values for money or status, would I?

If you easily answered “yes” to the first, and “no” to the second,
Enlite is the place for you!

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148 W 600 S, Provo, UT
United States.

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